teen boy bedroom {the ORC edition} week three

This is week 3 of the ORC: my son's bedroom makeover,
and the half way point and we have progress!

It was a busy weekend, we installed the "brick wall",
actually just paneling, but it was a bigger job than I expected.

We had to work in the room, which is not too small
but has a queen size bed, so it really limits the space.

And do not get me started on the flying dust that came from having 
to cut the panels in the room...
they were there, we were not taking them back downstair to cut them!

( I still need to reinstall all of his Star Wars pictures...)

We also decided against gluing the panels to the wall,
just in case we get tired of it.
So we screwed the panels to the studs, it is not as seamless as glue,
but if/when we decide to remove it,
it should be easy and the drywall will not be totally ruined.

I still need some 1/4 round for the sides for a more finished look.

Brick Master likes it and it brings a lot of characters to his room.
This wall (and the computer) is the first thing you see when you enter the room.

(in case you are wondering, it is a root beer bottle among the many glasses of milk!)

With the walls painted white and the brick accent wall,
his room is on its way to have that industrial loft feel we were hoping for.
Next we need to tackle some shelves!

here is our inspiration board:


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