Monday, September 23, 2013

Camille, our new doll from France

Here is Camille, our newest friend,
Miss C.  received her as a birthday present when we were in France.

We introduced briefly Camille as Polly's little sister during our photoshoot at the stable,
now we get to give her a proper introduction.
She came dressed as a ballerina, but did not stay that way very long.
Miss C. also received 2 outfits for her (the pink top-shorts and the fur coat).

Well, it was of course not enough clothes for just our young fashionable Camille,
so Miss C. and Mamie spent some quality sewing and knitting!
My mom knitted the blue sweater, purse and leg warmers
and Miss C. knitted a scarf.
My mom also sewed a little kilt while Miss C knitted a little shrug to complete the ensemble.

It was her first attempt at knitting and she did a great job,
too bad I cannot help her in pursing this new craft addiction!

Happy day!

Friday, September 6, 2013

hanging swim pennants

The pool has closed, swim season is over,
time to hang ribbons and trophies.

It was Miss C.'s first real year,
she did really well, 
making it to the A meet a few times for the swim team,
and placing sometimes in the dive meet.
In our family, participation is required,
success is optional!

So I hang up all those ribbons on a purple twine,
between the 2 pennants I sewed earlier this season.
If you are interested in making your own,
here is the pennant tutorial.

Her trophies are standing underneath, proudly.
Not everybody gets 3rd place in dive,
even when there are only 5 girls in this age group.
I can honestly say that I could not do even the most basic dive,
I am very proud of my little swimmer/diver!

While I did not make any pennant for Brick master,
I am quite impressed by his progress in butterfly.
He started late in the swim team 
(at 11 while most of his team mates started around 8 years old)
but on his second year, we saw some real improvement.

I am one proud Mom!

Happy day!

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