Monday, June 13, 2016

a simple wedding pillow

A couple of weeks ago, my sister got married in Paris,
I totally missed it as travelling over there was not an option,
but I made her a silk-linen pillow to commemorate the event.

It is a very simple, tone on tone pillow, made of off-white raw silk
natural color linen, and natural cotton hand embroidery.

I followed this tutorial from Samelia's mum as I previously did

This time I rounded the edges of the L and E,
not straight line here!

Before appliqueing the love linen heart,
I quilted the silk in a diamond pattern to 2 layers of batting (no backing)
I wanted extra puffy without using synthetic batting.

Then I hand embroidered the date using a back stitch,
going over multiple times (like I did with the Teddy Taggie toy)
to give it a calligraphy look.

The back is linen with a zipper.
I decided the front needed more linen,
so I did a linen bidding like a quilt, instead a traditional pillow.
It was my first time doing this way,
I like it, it adds a nice frame,
I am going to have to try it again on another pillow.

It turned out really nice,
traditional without being cheesy,
a little heirloom but not lacy.

Modern and cool 
like the happy couple!

Congratulations, sis!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Teddy taggie toy

While the pretty pink bib was a perfect baby present,
I wanted to make something else, but not another bib.
I make this sweet teddy taggie toy, with ribbons
and a little embroidery.

I followed this tutorial by down grapevine lane, it makes noise, super fun!

The embroidery turned out really cute, I did by hand after tracing Bebe from 
a computer printout, then I appliqued it to the same pink felt from the bib.
Personalisation would have been even better, but I did not know the young lady's name,
French is always a nice touch,  American babies like it too! 

The back is just a soft fleece, in pink of course...

The little teddy taggie toy looks perfect with the new bib.

Happy sewing!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

a new baby bib

We just welcomed a new baby in our circle of friends,
so of course I had to make something.
My favorite for new babies: a bib of course.

And since it is a precious little girl,
it is very pink!

I have made quite a few of those bibs as you can see below,
it is easy, fun and parents seem always pleased.

It works well for boys and girls:
the first 2 (K and bears) were for baby girls,

the last 2 (crocodile and forest) were for baby boys.

I used this pattern from Nested, which is the one I use most.
And as usual I lined the bib with an off-white chenille, very absorbing
and soft on baby skin.

I played with some ribbon, some felt and of course a little Paris shopping girl
from a Japanese print.
Simple and cute

Happy sewing!

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