Thursday, June 2, 2016

a new baby bib

We just welcomed a new baby in our circle of friends,
so of course I had to make something.
My favorite for new babies: a bib of course.

And since it is a precious little girl,
it is very pink!

I have made quite a few of those bibs as you can see below,
it is easy, fun and parents seem always pleased.

It works well for boys and girls:
the first 2 (K and bears) were for baby girls,

the last 2 (crocodile and forest) were for baby boys.

I used this pattern from Nested, which is the one I use most.
And as usual I lined the bib with an off-white chenille, very absorbing
and soft on baby skin.

I played with some ribbon, some felt and of course a little Paris shopping girl
from a Japanese print.
Simple and cute

Happy sewing!


  1. Aww, cute! Congrats on a new baby in your midst! I love that Japanese little girl fabric print! It's way too adorable! :)

  2. thank you Ginnie! I have not yet met this young lady but she has to like this print too!


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