Friday, April 10, 2020

bunny goody bags

This year I made some sweet little bunny bags for treats:

and they turned up super cute!
The pattern is  floppy ears bunny bag.
I made them out of different colored linen,
with different faces:

Miss C. chose the natural linen, and Brick Master the blue one.
The white linen bunny is for my niece Toddler E.

They are perfect with the couple chocolates I was able to find.

and even better with my little bunny bunting.
last year goody bags:

some older Easter basket:

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

a little bunny bunting

Because reality is a little too much,
I keep sewing bunny theme things,
and this little bunting was the perfect distraction.

It started about 6 years ago when I embroidered these little bunnies:

And then, they waited for me to remember to do something with them...
well this year was the year:

I cut a simple bunting shape, and sewed it to another fabric, right side together,

and flipped them right side out:

they looked good, but 3 was not quite enough...
I had no desire to embroider more bunny,
so I looked in my stash for the perfect bunny fabric:
some Peter Rabbit fabric left from a previous project

I was able to cut out a few different scenes from the fabric,
making 4 more.

With all 7 of them, I debated how best to display them
and to which support to stitch them...

In the end I chose a sturdy white "ribbon" without adding any other ribbon
or color.

I added a faux eucalyptus garland (IKEA from Christmas),
it was what the little bunting needed:
Now the area above the buffet in the living room is ready for spring,
with lots of bunnies!

I will share more about these bunnies next time...

Happy sewing!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

bunny love pillow

Sewing is usual a way for me to destress,
but right now I do not seem to have enough bandwidth
to deal with anything complicated,
so I am sewing bunnies!

Like this cute bunny love pillow:

The pattern is from Bustle and Sew magazine (issue 85, February 2018)

It is quite simple and doesn't need a pattern,
just 9 little felt bunnies and a little heart!
The background is some blue linen acquired many years ago.

Because the fabric is so soft 
I fused it to some iron fleece,
it made stable enough to machine stitched around all the bunnies.

Previous bunny pillow:

another cute "pillow"

Luckily I have my "sewing buddy" with me
to relax....

Happy sewing!

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