Friday, April 10, 2020

bunny goody bags

This year I made some sweet little bunny bags for treats:

and they turned up super cute!
The pattern is  floppy ears bunny bag.
I made them out of different colored linen,
with different faces:

Miss C. chose the natural linen, and Brick Master the blue one.
The white linen bunny is for my niece Toddler E.

They are perfect with the couple chocolates I was able to find.

and even better with my little bunny bunting.
last year goody bags:

some older Easter basket:

Happy sewing!


  1. They're the cutest little bunny bags!
    Some of your pictures are not showing. I had the same problem last week. I had to go and upload them again. 😞 It must be Google's fault.

    1. Hi Cristina, thanks for the info, I just noticed too!
      Yes the little bags were fun to make, I will one of them away hopefully soon!


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