Tuesday, March 26, 2013

done with painting the cabinets!

I did it, I finished painting the kitchen cabinets,
and it is done before Easter!
(I had given myself this arbitrary deadline)

And it was done even with the crazy weather we have been having,
and yes, it matters as I have to sand the doors outside.
(as we do not have a garage, an attic
or any real place to work)
I did it in small sections as I am also limited by the surface of
my painting table: the dining table.
We have been eating in the kitchen for a while,
and each time I sat at the kitchen table,
I was reminded how much work I had left, 
but no more!

The room is so much lighter, it is amazing!

(besides the painting)
My inspiration was this post from Remodelando La Casa.

Of course, as one project is near completion,
other things creep up,
like lighting, and annoying ugly pantry door....
Tomorrow is another day,
we came up such a long way from the time we purchased the house!

Happy day!


  1. I love your upgrades, as always. miss you!

  2. Menudo cambio !!!!!!!!!! me encanta en blanco ,da mucha más luz y se ve más amplia !!!!!
    Te felicito .


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