Saturday, January 30, 2016

puppy quilt: finished!

During the snowzilla, I made 6 puppy blocks
After spending a couple days at home sewing,
we had to go back to work and reality...
But I was able to steal some time here and there
and set my puppy blocks into a simple quilt:

My first quilt of the year and we are still in January!

I love how it turned out,
it is fun and modern, and very kid friendly!
The puppy print was my inspiration, just the right level of cuteness.

I set the blocks so that the puppy heads are floating,
with a same color sashing,
simple but perfect for the boldness of the heads.

It is fun to look at them and think of dogs we know that look like them,
it turns out we can name most dogs,
the top black dog could totally be Malou!
The backing is a matching print to the front puppy head, but this time with full body.
Since the quilt was a little too wide, I added a band of motorcycle print,
don't you know it totally makes sense?

I will be sending this quilt to my nephew for his second birthday
For his first Christmas, I made him a puppy book,
so I am keeping the theme!

Happy sewing!

Sew Fresh Quilts

Fresh Poppy Design

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

3 more puppy blocks

With the snow is still hanging on,
I had more time to sew.
So here are my other 3 dog blocks:

Just like the 3 other dogs from yesterday,
I used the "dog gone cute" patterns.
They are free, fairly easy and so cute!

For a few of them, I turned the nose upside down to give them
a more long face versus square face,
think hound instead of boxer.

I used 4 different brown for the head (mostly scraps from other projects),
but the same black for the eyes and nose, and the same white on white fabric
to keep them consistent.
Our street was plowed this morning, but we still have a 3-4 feet tall
and 8-10 feet deep wall to take down before any car can move,
this is going to take a while!
Happy sewing!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

cute puppy blocks while snowed in

We survived the blizzard and the 2 feet of snow,
now we need to dig ourselves out,
and that might take a while!

While it was snowing,
we had the luxury of staying safely at home by the fire,
and I had the time to do some quilting.

I sewed some cute puppy blocks

using these "dog gone cute" blocks from Sew Fresh Quilts.

There are 8 different puppy faces to choose from.
I went with the large size, about 18 x 12 inches.
I made 3 so far and am planning on making 3 more....

They are not paper pieced but regular patchwork.

And they are fun to make,
unlike this outside...

it will require a lot of work...

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

watch holder

and decided to make one for Mon Cheri,
we both love vintage/industrial like our upcoming coffee table,
and he has a certain fondness for steampunk, I think this qualifies...

I made mine out of 1/4 inch pipes and fittings,
and a little bite tighter.

It is a very unexpected piece of useful art....
And that is definitively steampunk!

Happy crafting!

Friday, January 15, 2016

one more deer....

I did not stop at the triplet,
I needed to make one more deer:

This lovely deer is wearing, like the 3 other deer,
a Liberty of London dress.

For her head, I made a simple French lace flower.
And just like the 3 other deer, she had embellished felt boots,
using colors from the dress I embroidered 3 little flowers.

I received some more Liberty of London for Christmas,
so I cannot guarantee than another might not show up...

happy sewing!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

giant macaron

While macarons might be going out of style,
we still are big fans here.
We have baked macarons,
I have sewed a macaron,
and now Miss C. has crafted a macaron,
and not a little one but a giant one!

She started with cereals boxes
(everybody's favorite source of thin cardboard, that and of course soda boxes...)
like she did for her mad hatter hat,
and like Brick Master did for his conquistador helmet,
the kids are just a crafty bunch....!

Then with tape, scraps of paper and glue,
she shaped it all into a macaron.
She painted it as a mint chocolate chip treat,
I have never tried that flavor,
but it sounds really good.
As final touches, she added a mint leaf,
and her initial, everything is better monogrammed!

I really enjoyed her creativity,
on a small scale, it would have been fun,
but on a large scale, it is quite powerful,
I guess it is art now!

Happy crafting!

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