Friday, January 24, 2020

an ironing storage shelf

Just like everybody,
in the beginning of the year,
I felt the need to clean and organize
but only my sewing room.

And it started with a simple project:
an ironing storage shelf

So much better than just leaning against the wall,
behind the door, it always seemed to slide
and close the door making it hard to enter...

and simplified it for my need:
1 large board (found in the basement!)
2 large white hooks (sold at HD by the piece)
and another piece of wood for the shelf (1 x 6)

While it is quite straightforward, I managed to put the hooks the wrong way the first time!
But it was easily fixed and after adding some putty and painting,
it is almost invisible...

To install it I used some cleats that I purchased at the HD,
perfect to hold heavy things,

and keeping it pretty flush with the wall.

Of course, the real moment of truth is when
everything is on it!
It works great,
and looks so much better...

Happy crafting!

Monday, January 20, 2020

painting the living room library

It is amazing how a quart of paint can change a room!

So much more modern!

A few year ago,
through the One Room Challenge 
I updated our living room,
and it was quite good:

with new paint, new curtains and
 some updates to our library.

But lately I found it was a little blend,
I started seeing dark colors back in style,

like this from Craftberry Bush
and I grew more and more tired of the white library.

So I decided to paint it blue.
It took a while to find the right blue:

(Lou is not a dog who likes to get her picture taken!)

Once I was happy with my blue,
I started painting the library

unsure if I wanted it all blue or just the bottom.
Stopping there allowed me to live with it 
and decide that it was the right stopping point.

We have so many books, we barely see the color of the back.

We also decided to cut out cable, so one less black box 
and more space for books.
I also added a extra shelf in the 2 large cubbies
making spaces for smaller books,
and a proper place for the dictionary.
I was concerned that I might not be able to find the same molding
that was used to build this library 
since it was done at least 10 years ago,
(before we bought the house)
but it is in stock at the Home Depot,
so quite an easy project.

Mon Cheri thinks we should organize books by authors,
but I like them disorganized, with French and English mixed,
modern and classics willy nilly,
serious literature with YA novels next to each other!

To complete this wall,
I sewed two more panels for the small side window,
while it is small and does not require as much fabric,
it does take the same amount of time to sew them!
But once again, such a great change,
it makes me wonder why I stopped at that window,
actually I know, I was tired of making curtains!

(dog pillow here)

Happy day!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

some play food with a mini grocery bag

I sewed a little grocery bag and some play food for my niece,
toddler E as she was visiting me (with her family)
over Christmas break.

I previously made a very similar grocery bag (here),
but this time I used some Five & Dime fabric from the Fabric Mutt,
just like I did for this lunch box.

Inside I put a delicious sandwich:
bread, lettuce, cheese, tomato and ham

I made some many of them when my kids were little,
it was nice to revisit that sandwich (previously here).

And a breakfast set:
pancakes with syrup, egg, bacon and a tea bag

I also made these many times before,
the original references can be found below:
pancakes, eggs and bacon (here)
tea bag (here).

Of course the best part is seeing a little girl's reaction:
She likes them!

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Christmas 2019 ornament

Last December, I did not sew as much 
as I usually do, but I managed
to sew some new ornaments:

a simple little tree,
it is quite easy and fast.
Amy is one of my favorite blogger,
she has inspired some many sewing projects!

I simplified it some by making only the front patchwork,
and keeping the back a single print.

It looks perfect on a present,

or in the Christmas tree!

It also looks really good
just standing in a basket
as decoration!

Last year ornament (2018) was this cute house:

Happy sewing!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year 2020! Bonne Annee 2020!

I would like to wish you and your family
Happy New Year!

My mom sent me this beautiful cross stitched card
with swans and the perfect mix of blues.

I feel like this year is going to be blue,
as the color not the feelings!
I have started putting a lot of blues through 
the house and I am not done...
I will share as I make more progress.

Until then....

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