Friday, March 19, 2010

tea party

Yesterday my daughter went to a birthday party:
a fancy tea party.

So I decided to make as a present for the birthday girl
supplies for felt tea party at home.
-tea (bags, this is not the UK!)
-some container to keep it all

so here is my version of a tea party!

The tea bags are based on a few designs that I have been seeing on flickr felt group
I combined different parts from different people's vision to make my own version.
As you can tell, I like green tea!
I used tule for the bag, I cut leaves for the inside and the tag.
The string is cotton yarn , and for safety reason it is less than 6 inch.

I found the pattern for the chocolate bunnies at

I changed the eyes a little, the white part is stitched on with the blue floss,
I did a French knot, of course!

The little cake is made using the new TV show: DIY dish

It is rolled felt on the inside (strawberry/vanilla), recovered with icing
and with some cream on the top!

I also made my favorite cookies

and some strawberries.

For the tray/basket, I used 2 fabric, some ribbons and some iron-on fleece.

I started with a square about 12 inch, removed 4 squares in each corner,
 around 2.5 inch, whatever the high of the tray you are interested in.
I ironed on the fleece.
I stitched the 8 pieces of ribbon.
Then with right sides together, I stitched both fabric around, leaving an opening.
I clipped the corners and the inside of the corners.
I returned the fabric, ironed it and hand stitched.
To help the edges stand up, I stitched along the lignes through all layers.
Here is a view of the flaten tray.


It would be all that is needed for a tea party with friends,
after all it should feed 4.
The birthday girl liked very much!

Happy sewing!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your applique quilts are amazing...I should call it art! And your banana pie is scrumptious! I'm definitely gonna come back again!

  2. those are really cute great job

  3. Felt food is so cute. Those are beautiful!

  4. thank you!
    making play food feels like playing!


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