Saturday, March 27, 2010

quilt show 3: Thimbleberries

Time to go back to "my quilt show"
well may be more show and tell!

Once I was more comfortable doing simple quilts,
I became a member of one of those block of the month clubs.
It was a fun way to make big projects more manageable.
I became a fan of Thimbleberries, the directions are always clear,
the fabric is very good quality, but it is always a little dark and country.
I am now not so much into their work,
but a while back I made a lot of their quilts.
So here it is: a Thimbleberries special

"May day tradition"
Thimbleberries quilt club 2002

Thimbleberries quilt club 2005
the blue fabric is from Provence....
yes like most people I am a fan!

This queen size bed quilt is from the book "Holiday quilts" By L. Jensen.
The fabric is not thimbleberries.
 The main fabric was purchased in France.
It is a reprint of "indienne",
the original fabric was made in India,
using a technique not used in Europe at the time,
and most of the  fabric made using that way were named "indienne".
 I was able to find some pink/red and green looked geat with it.

It is our summer quilt and I love it!

"Winter dazzle"
Thimbleberries quilt club 2002

Above the bed in our guest room!

"Basket case"

Thimbleberries quilt club 2004
with Lego Brick Master (young!)
(this quilt was given to friends, so these are the only picture I have!)

Thimbleberries club 2005

 Fall table top
pattern from the book "treats no tricks" by L. Jensen.

This one was made as a baby gift,
I cannot remember the pattern
but it is made with Thimberries fabric,
not so dark after all!

Next time I will write about my real quilt passion:
(you might have seen some in my first post about quilt)

Happy sewing!

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  1. Bonjour Morgane!

    Un grand merci pour tes mots chaleureux que tu as laissés sur mon blog! C'est la première fois que je rencontre une Francaise aux Etats-Unis! ;-)) Enchantée de faire ta connaissance ;-))

    Moi aussi, j'aime bien ce que tu fais, félicitations! Well, I actually think that my sewing skills are not good enough for large projets like yours.

    Bien cordialement,


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