Tuesday, March 23, 2010


With a blog called Bear, Dolly and Moi
it is pretty obvious that I like bears and dolls!
But did you know I have a bunny weakness too?
(lapin by the front door)
and since it is almost Easter,
it is rabbit madness just about everywhere!

I have of course most of Beatrix Potter's collection.
I also have this beautiful book,
about her beginning and her abilities as an artist.

Inside there are the traditional paintings that we are familiar with,
but also beautiful sketches, like this one, done in 1891.

I have made a few cross stitch embroideies of Peter in my youth.
I still have some of the fabrics from a few years ago,
 they are just so lovely!
I even purchased the embroidery CD
(so much faster than cross stitching!)
and here is the Peter you get:

and yesterday I found a perfect pattern for bunny lovers!

Here is a link to this pattern:

The lady  running this blog "don't look now!" is amazing.
Kellie's patterns are wonderful, I wanted to have them all and
to start working on it right away...
which is a huge problem since the kitchen is still waiting for another coat of paint,
the basement is also waiting,
and the 3 other dolly projects....
just breathe!
Since it looks like I will not be teaching this semester,
I should be OK....!
So I got started on the bunny!
Yep, life is short!

and here is the beginning of this bunny
his face is not finished yet, it is just taking longer than I expected!
I will post it when I am done, hopefully before Easter!

Happy sewing!

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