Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my own quilt show

This weekend, I missed the local quilt show!
So to make it up, I decided to run my own!
Well through my blog at least!
I have entered a few in the past and not much came of it...
just the pleasure of showing my work.

So for the next few days, I will be posting quilts I have made
over the years.
Today, I will start with some of my favorites.

I am a believer of quilt as art, so a lot of them are on the wall!
and yes we ran out of beds!!

let's start the show:

The pattern is from McKenna Ryan of Pine Needles.
It is fusible appliqued, machine stitched.

The laundry is really hanging on the rope with clothespins!

I called it "gone with the wind"
The pattern is from a quilting magazine (cannot remember which one).
To make it more interesting I challenge myself to only use batik fabric for the leaves that I had ...
when I said I had a large collection!

This Noah's ark was done using Margaret Rolfe's CD-ROM and book "a quilter's ark".
Each animal is paper pieced, has hand embroidered faces and tails (some can move  like the zebra or the giraffe).

Tomorrow, I will post the pictures of the quits that started it all
(and it is not pretty!)

Happy sewing!


  1. Lovely quilts. I especially like the Noah's Ark quilt. I have Margaret Rolfe's book and have made a few of the animal blocks. Paper piecing opens up so many opportunities.

  2. thank you!
    Paper piecing is fun! I also used for some of my leaves the second quilt.
    Having the CD-ROM makes it even faster, no need to recopy, just print!


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