Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pillows, more pillows!

A few Saturday night ago as I was reading blogs and more blogs,
I found this blog " graphics fairy"with great clip arts:

So I went to work and made these pillows:

I used 2 old pictures from monuments of Paris:

I made my own printer fabric by ironing muslin fabric to freezer paper
(cut to the size of regular paper) and printing the picture.
It is probably not safe for washing, but I do not plan to.

Since I was limited by the size of the paper, I sewed some more fabric on the 3 sides,
 about 2-3 inch.

It did make the picture bigger,
 but the difference between the printed picture and the background fabric was too evident
so I used grosgrain ribbon to make a frame.
I stitched on both side of the ribbon.

I also sewed some black piping before attaching the back of the pillow.
Since they are unusal size, I just stuffed them and stitched them closed.
I think they turned out pretty good!
Happy sewing.


  1. I love those, I like how you put the frame around the pictures.

  2. These are such gorgeous pillows! I love how you framed them up in black, it really makes them look so chic! Thanks so much for linking this one up to "Brag Monday".

  3. they look lovely! I really want to try that as well! Great job!!!


    be sure & come by for an awesome giveaway I'm having!!

  4. I love pillows and yours look so beautiful, Petra.xx

  5. Hey Morgane! T'est Francaise, je le suis aussi. J'habite en Utah. Je follow ton blog maintenant, viens joindre le mien.
    I love those pillows...OH. I need to make some...
    Gros bisous

  6. Pretty pillows and you did a great job on them!

  7. thank you so much ladies!
    It feels great to read your comments!!
    the pillows have been in a few fight and they are holding just fine!


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