Thursday, May 3, 2018

updating the living room {the ORC editions}: week 5

This week five of the One Room Challenge: the living room.
With only one week to go, one would thinks I made a lot of progress
this week end, well one would be wrong!

I worked on little things that take a long time but
might not seem like a lot....
like reorganizing the library!

I like it much better than previously, the top row needed some help.

So I decluttered and painted the top shelf blue like the rest of the room.
And just put back a few things:

I also reorganized the books, a few were given away, but most of them stayed.
Most shelves have 2 layers of books, we have a lot!
Mon Cheri was a English major, so that explains most of it,
plus we need books in French,
especially comic albums (nothing to do with super heroes!)

I also spent a lot of time sewing a little quilt for the couch,
there is still a way to go....

but when I saw this book "Southwest Modern" by Kristi Schroeder ,
I had to make something right away!
We spent many years there,
and miss it.
It might not be finished by next week,
but the colors are perfect in the room.

So let's review all that I worked on so far:

I have all the new furniture from the inspiration:

Now I hope I really have time to tackle the fireplace...
and put everything into place!

Happy DIYing!

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