Friday, May 25, 2018

a little scissors case and a new puppy

Lately, it has been hard to sew,
and from the title you probably understand why....
there are cute pictures at the bottom of this post!

I managed to hand sew this lovely little scissor cover,
made of felt and Tilda quilting cotton (like my jewelry bag)
with a sweet little embroidery:

It is the perfect size for embroidery scissors.
I followed a pattern from Bustle and Sew magazine
as I have previously for this spring wall hanging,
I guess I am developing a fondness for the magazine,
full of cute and interesting projects!

I made this one for my Mom for mother's day,
but I feel like I will be making one for myself,
if our newest family member leaves me some time....

Here is our new puppy: Bosco.
He is only 8 weeks old, and 11 lbs,
so just a little baby.
According to the rescue, he is a hound mix,

which I think it quite accurate,
well we will know more as he gets bigger.
But right now, not much is getting done around here,
just a lot of snuggling...

and enjoying the silliness!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend


  1. Exquisite...the scissors keeper and the puppy! I was lucky enough to get some Newfie puppy cuddling recently (a high school friend bred her pair); it was wonderful! Enjoy it while you can. My stepsister currently has lab puppies; sadly she is too far away to get another puppy cuddling fix.

    1. Puppies are so much fun (and work!) He is already a lot bigger and into everything...he also likes to use his sharp puppy teeth on everything and everyone! Lou is not a huge fan of the teeth but enjoys the chasing around.
      Glad to hear you had also some puppy time! Have a nice week end


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