Tuesday, January 30, 2018

a tea cosy to keep warm

At the beginning of January, it was pretty cold,
even the window in my sewing room was frozen,
so I relocated to the living room,
which meant hand sewing.
Sewing on the couch is quite comfortable,
there are large non frozen windows,
 fuzzy blankets,
and many cups of tea!
The only thing missing was a cute tea cosy:
well this is no longer a problem!

I followed this pattern from Bustle and Sew,
I have been a subscriber to their magazine
for a couple years now,
and while I do not make stuff every month from their patterns
I always enjoy their whimsy! 
I did make these fox pillow and apple bag:

But this polar bear is super cute:

It is fairly easy embroidery, and I love the touch of metallic thread,
even if it is harder to stitch....
And the pompom is the perfect touch,
fuzzy like a polar bear!

The tea cosy is lined in fleece, perfect to keep the tea hot in the teapot.

I am so looking forward to using it this weekend!

Happy sewing!


  1. Love it! I visited a craft show before Christmas and one of the vendors specialized in tea cozies and mug cozies. The mug cozies were sized to fit over a latte mug not a regular one; I think more for covered travel mugs. If it has been the smaller mug size I think it would have been perfect for a smaller tea for one pot. :) Do you think this pattern could be scaled to a smaller pot?

    1. Hi Xyra, I am sure it can as I had to do it for my tea pot, which is smaller than the English one in the pattern, but I kept the bear the same size. Nothing wrong with a larger polar bear! Of course if it sizes way down, the bear might need to be sized down too. We are back in the cold (but no snow so far..) so I am using it now, such a fun touch in the living room!

    2. Absolutely nothing wrong with a bigger bear. :-)


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