Thursday, April 5, 2018

updating the living room {the ORC editions}: week 1

Once again, I decided to participate in the One Room Challenge.
It is a little crazy timewise,
but it is a great motivator to finish a room.

This time around I will be working on the living/dining room,
which has not been updated in 7 years.

Before we look at the before pictures,
I want to share my mood board, much prettier:

here are the resources for most of pieces:
Sideboardcurtain fabriclamp basebasketfaux olive tree.
 poster, and the chairs

Now let's look at the before pictures of the living room:

we eat dinner here every night.

The living/dining received a nice makeover shortly after we moved in,
but not much changed after that:

1/2: paint the living room
3: dropcloth curtains

We have a very open concept house,
with the family room just right off the dining room

1:seating room 
2: coffee table

and right off there is the office/fireplace:

It is a large L shaped, so everything needs to work together.

Let's look back at the mood board again
and see if we can make sense of it all:

It is quite eclectic but I like many things,
and I want to incorporate them all:
my love of Provence (olive tree), living in a modern 60's home (curtains)
a little country (sideboard) and DC (poster)!

Hopefully it will all work out....

This will be my fifth participation to the ORC:
My alfresco patio:

My baking corner:

My teenager's bedroom:

My master suite:

So I am off waiting this large room....
it is going to take a while!
Happy DIYing!

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