fabric book for baby

This is another Christmas present that I made this year,
this time is for my nephew who is 9 month old.
I made a more complicated book for his sister when she was older,
this one is quite simple with almost no moving parts.

but putting some of my own spins on the picture.
First thing first: there is always a need for dogs in any book!

Then of course, Dinosaur and Elephant have to join the fun,
they are simple applique shapes, the elephant has a few more details,
both have nice textures, the eyes are sewn, nothing to pull!

I cheated for the hungry little caterpillar,
as I had a print, I did a lot of quilting to add texture,
once washed it should be even cutter.

I sewed a little pocket and put in a little puppy, there are never too many dogs in a book!
It should be safe enough for a little one, but if not, it is easy to remove it 
and keep it for some later time.
The truck is also just a simple applique, with different texture from the use of various fabric,
felt for the wheels, chenille for the dirt.

The back of the book has a simple little dog house,
just the right size for the little puppy in the pocket.

I was able to give it directly to my nephew,
he seemed happy about it,
but he is the very happy type!
More importantly his parents enjoyed it....

Happy sewing!


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