Wednesday, December 10, 2014

simple cocoa bar

I am sure you have noticed how popular Cocoa stations have been around the blogosphere,
they are a great way to give kitchen a festive ambiance
and quite practical in busy household.
It has been really cold here for the past month,
and after biking home from school, the kids love to get a warm cup of cocoa.

And cocoa tastes so much better with marshmallow,
of course a little extra chocolate ball does not hurt either.
The picture of the deer is a present from last year.

I made the easel a while back, and it is has been fun using it throughout the house,
Miss C. is the official chalkboard artist.
The vintage tin "la vache qui rit" (the laughing cow) is from France
and does not contain cookies,well at least not for humans! 

It is slightly different that the one I set up last year,
(did not blog about it)
but so far it has been as popular with the family.

The perfect addition to this cocoa bar; a little snack.
My favorite for this season is cranberry bread!

But I know it will not stay there long,
better eat it right away before Malou steals it all,
she has been known to do such thing!

Happy day!

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