Tuesday, October 28, 2014

backyard Halloween decor

With the stone patio done and the pile of wood gone,
we are finally ready to do some backyard entertaining.
And Halloween is the perfect time to have friends over for drinks and snacks.

We built a table out of the old deck,
 there is still some wood left, even after building sheds...
it is about 3' high, perfect height to put down a drink and mingle,
(also great to do some wood work outdoor!)

I decorated it with some cool metal crows, gourds from the front yard 
(the deer ate all the tomatoes, but left these alone!)
terracotta pumpkins, and a neat chalkboard easel
that I built following this tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic,
with the size similar to this easel from Cottage in the Oaks.

For drink, we chose some wonderful mead from The Orchid Cellar, crafted locally in Maryland.
At first I was not so sure about mead, but after tasting a few of theirs,
I am a believer! We came home with 4 different ones, my favorite one is "Castellan",
Mon Cheri's is "hunter", a spicy mead.

Northern Virginia and Maryland have a large number of small wineries, 
at a perfect driving distance from the DC area.

Under the table, I put some crates to dress the large empty space,
I have never blogged about the finish top crate,
I built to store all my baking pans,

Now the only thing left to do is lit the fire,
sit down and enjoy the evening...

Happy day!

link to the StoneGable

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  1. oh my gosh, what an inviting space! i love the trellis and the plants.


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