storing baking pans

the kitchen seems like a bright new room.
Now the eat-in area doesn't look good enough to be seen together!

We used to have a large metallic shelf in the corner, holding my bakery supplies
(and a collections of pans!)
While it had a great industrial look, it felt quite overwhelming for the space.
We also used to have a large TV armoire (from when TVs were not flat!).

We played a game of furniture moving:
the large armoire in the dining room,
the shelves from the dining room in the kitchen
and the metallic shelf in the basement (perfect for storage).
It made the room much lighter, with more space to move around.

As you might remember, I made a few boxes for the white cart
to store our lunch drinks (or how to make soda cans "sexy"!)

Here and here for the directions.

I really helped with our storage area of the cart,
 it is very practical and aesthetic.

Now I need to address these shelves,

they have replaced the metallic ones,
but need to store the similar baking pans.
I have already found a way to create a little baking center

in the little corner by the door.

Now I  want to store all of my baking pans in nice containers,
well just about anything is an improvement over the plastic milk crate,
the side of the wall for the cookie sheets (some were missing!)
and just plain pile of pans!
And Yes we need all of them,
I am a serious baker...!

Well I came up with a solution:

I think it is going to turn out great!

I am off to work on them.

Happy day!


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