mad hatter's daughter

Halloween is always a very busy crafty time of the year at our house,
and this year, I was not the one doing most of it!
I did some helping but Miss C. came up with all the ideas for her costume
and she did a lot of work.
This year she is the mad hatter's daughter:

Of course the first thing she needed to do was to make a hat.
She saw some tutorial on YouTube and started cutting recycled cardboard boxes.
We recovered the cardboard with some peacock velvet, added some feather
and glued it to a headband.
Once the hat was completed, she needed a top,
she found some fleece that she liked and that went well with the velvet of the hat.
I used the easy top pattern from Sewing Clothes Kids Love,
I purchased the book a while ago and finally used it.
I sewed the Imke Shirt without the hood, but with 2 layers sleeves,
it was fast, easy and it fits her very nicely.
And here are Miss C. and some of her girlfriends,
she had fun editing the pics and putting masks on her friends!

Happy Halloween!


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