"Faites que le reve devore votre vie afin que la vie ne devore pas votre reve"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 21: Holiday outfit

Now that Saige has spent the last 2 days at the spa,
she really needs to get ready for the main event,
so of course she needed a Holiday outfit.
Nothing says Holidays like a beautiful plaid dress.
I used some remnants from a Christmas dress I made for Miss C. many years ago.
Obviously it does not fit her anymore!

For Saige, I used this pattern from the pixie faire,
it is actually for top, I just added a few inches at the bottom.

The nice touch is the zipper in the back,
it gives it a nice dressy look,
perfect for a Christmas dress.
It is not really harder with the zipper,
I actually like it better  than velcro.

To keep Saige warm, I sewed a little shrug from an old sweater,
dolls like cashmere too!
very fast and easy.

The shoes come from Michaels, not great but they do the job.

Just a few more days until Christmas.

Happy sewing!

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