Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas quilt

During the summer, when all the new Christmas fabric started coming out,
 I could not help myself and bought some, not knowing what I would use it for,
 I just had to have some, it seems to be a very common problem at the quilt store!

At home I realized this year selection looked nice with last year (from the tree skirt
and the year before (deer pillow) fabric I had acquired. 
So I went on to make a Christmas quilt out of these fabrics 
(collected over a 3 year time period).

The pattern I chose is from Simply Modern Christmas by Cindy Lammon, 
It has the perfect scrappy look I needed for my various prints.
It is an easy pattern and went pretty fast.

The part that slowed me down was deciding to do a patched back.
Last year, I purchased this wonderful Christmas print of the Ghastly,
not my style at all, but once again I could not resist!

So instead of keeping it forever, I cut it out and framed in black some pictures 
of the family members, using large blocks of others prints to set them.
It makes for a very different back, almost 2 quilts in one:
one pretty traditional and the other slightly crazy!

It has been perfect to snuggle on the couch,
 reading AG catalogs or watching fun Christmas movies,
some of my favorites: "Love actually" or "the Holiday",
not really family friendly, but grown ups get to enjoy movies too!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Love your Christmas quilt! It's fun to make something you will enjoy from year to year!

  2. It's such a lovely quilt! I love all the fabrics you used, perfect fro cold winter's night.

  3. What a fun Christmas quilt, and I do love the back. That's what it will be known for years to come. Gives it character :)

  4. thank you!
    it has been well loved so far, and depending on who is using it, it is one side or the other! so perfect for the family

  5. I just love this pattern, and wow - those fabrics from the years all came together so nicely in it! (and WAIT - there's *Christmas* Ghastlies??? love it! I hadn't seen that before)


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