tree skirt: finished!

I started working early on a tree skirt this year,
and surprisingly it is finished, weeks before it is needed,
it is so amazing....I am one of those people that do 90% of the work ahead of time
and then have to rush to complete everything!
Well......"not today, Zurg!"

I used fabrics from Moda Winter's lane and Blitzen from Basic Grey
(left over from last year project: Reindeer pillow)
and some quilting linen, a mix of linen and cotton
(it is more expensive than 100% linen, but keeps it shape beautiful, perfect for quilting!)

The back is an mix of animal prints (left over from Miss. C.'s safari birthday party),
a little unusual, but it looks great with the binding,
and it goes on the floor so nobody should see it...

The binding is a lot wider than traditional binding,
considering the scale of the piecing, I thought it would balance nicely.

Now I only need to wait a few more weeks to get the tree
and really try it,
I am thinking of a woodsy/nature Noel for this year,
we shall see if it really happens....
so many ornaments, so little time!

Happy sewing!

Fresh Poppy Design


  1. It turned out fantastic! I love the hidden surprise on the


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