Saturday, November 30, 2013

working on presents

With a low key Thanksgiving, I have been able to start working
on my list of Christmas presents.

I am so glad I finished my tree skirt early,
work has changed for the better: I work for a bigger biotech and full time
which leaves me very little time for the fun stuff,
like sewing and crafting!

I need to simplify and adapt my sewing and my expectations to my time.
On top of that, Mon Cheri was injured last week end while cutting some wood with a chop-saw!
He had seen me admiring some projects with wood slices,
and wanted to surprise me with some delicate slices of branches to play with.
I have them and I also spent 5h in the ER with him and a bloody thumb!
I can barely look at those slices, and we do not know how the finger thing is going to turn out....
I guess it is a wait and see game.

Happy sewing!

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