Day 1: AG doll fireplace

Yesterday, we set up the decor for the advent calendar,
we started with a simple room,
because, on the first day, Miss C, received a fireplace!
How can you get presents if there are no fireplaces?
(it did not seem to bother me as a child...)
Obviously it did not fit on the advent calendar, it was wrapped up
with a number on it.
To build it, I was inspired by this tutorial by Anna from Doll It Up.
Since I did not have a picture frame to tart with, I used a piece of 1/4 inch plywood
and cut it out to fit my desired dimension.
I sized it to go with the stick on tile I found at Home Depot.
I framed the inside the same way Anna did,
and used a very light piece of 4x4 (cedar, I think) for the base.
For the top shelf, I used a piece of 1x3, slightly wider than the fireplace.
To hide the back and make everything stable, I added a full back
made of 1/4 inch plywood. It makes it possible to have something above the fireplace.

I stained everything with Early American stain and applied the tile.
Finally I screwed some little hooks for stockings,
but that part is for another day!
Happy crafting!


  1. I just love your fireplace! The tiles add such a fun look! I can't wait to see your scene decorated for Christmas!

  2. Thank you Anna!
    you were my inspiration for the fireplace.

  3. I love everything you made so far, I can't wait to see the rest!!

  4. thank you Sharon. Miss C. seems to be a fan so far!

  5. Love your fireplace. Thank you for the instructions.


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