Sunday, November 30, 2014

AG doll advent calendar: setting up the scene

Here is the scene I set up next to Miss C.'s bedroom for her to open
and set up her advent calendar surprises.
I used 3 poster boards that I taped together and covered in scrapbooking paper,
I am going for a cabin feel, something like rustic glam Christmas, if such thing exists.
I added a large tree in a metal bucket with some snowflake lights,
it is pretty bare right now, but this is day 0 !

If you have ever purchased an advent calendar from Playmobil,
you know it comes with a cardboard backdrop, perfect place to display the daily goodies.

So I tried to recreate something similar....
I hope it turns out as good as I see it in my head!

Happy day!


  1. Fun idea! I love the idea of adding to it everyday!

  2. thanks. I will not be able to blog about everyday, but every couple days....Hope Miss C. enjoys it too!

  3. I love this room. You added to it wonderfully on the way to Christmas.


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