Monday, November 10, 2014

fold up tote bag

This year, I decide to kick off my Christmas sewing early,
it is important to start with good intention.
So far I have made a few presents for some of my girlfriends.
I always love to make pouches with zippers,

This time I went a different route: a fold up tote bag.
As more counties in the DC area are going without plastic bags,
I find myself with need of little bags to carry purchases
( and I do not mean groceries)
but I do not always have one with me.

and I sewed little and light tote bags that fit neatly in one's purse.

I used a bright daisy print and a complementary solid cotton
(eggplant or gray)
They turned out really cute and fun.
I am so happy to have already finished some Christmas projects.

Happy sewing!

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