Friday, February 14, 2014

new lingerie pouches

I decided to make a few more to give to my girlfriends for Valentine's day.
The little pouches would be the perfect size for a little week end get away lingerie bag.

Here is the first one I made:
the fabric is the same that I used for my laptop cover,
it is a home decor fabric with a little lace added.
I still followed this French tutorial.

The pouch is lined with a quilting cotton, pretty in pink would be a good description,
making it perfect for a little lingerie bag,
which is why I chose a pink elastic and little mouse button.

I thought this little lingerie bag was perfect but may be a little too small.
So I made a new pattern, instead of being about 8 1/2 X  17
it is 11 X 24.

So here the same design but larger:
it is made of linen, with a lavender ribbon
and a beautiful satin ribbon for closure.

Beautiful, right?
Simple and so elegant....
I interfaced the linen so it would keep its shape
and may be not wrinkle so fast!

The inside fabric is a quilting cotton,
I chose this specific one because I already made a little zipper pouch for my friend for Christmas,
it is cute and cheesy when things go together!

The wide purple ribbon is stitched between the outside fabric and the lining for the top half.
It stitched on the outside for the bottom half.

I made another smaller pouch with a much cooler fabric,
my friend is so young, I am not even sure she ever used cassette tapes....

But it turned out so cute,
even Miss C. thought so
(and she definitively not idea what those are!)
I interfaced the quilting cotton, it is just too "soft" otherwise.

I hope my friends enjoy them,
they were fun to make,
may be I should make one more, for me to keep....

Unfortunately my girlfriends will not receive their gift today,
because it looks like that outside:

Yep we are snowed in...

Happy sewing!
Happy valentine's day!

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  1. These are beautiful! What a fun gift to give to your friends. I be they will love it when you are able to get out of the snow (which has probably already melted...since I'm a bit behind on posts).
    Take care,


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