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Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 19 and day 20: make up box and spa accessories

We are now just a few days from Christmas,
Saige and Miss C. have already received so many little surprises,
from fireplace to chair, from casual to dance outfits,
from apron to cookies, what can a doll/girl need more?
Well a spa event of course!
The Holidays can be stressful, even for low-key doll....
You have probably seen the neat salon/spa set from AG,
very nice but not in my budget, so I went with the OG/Target version.

Miss C. is dreaming of getting a foot spa for herself, well at least her doll will be set!
I am sure you have seen the cool jewelry/makeup box from AG,
super cute but expensive.

In my stash of many crafty things, I found a box that I bought probably more than
10 years ago at a stamping convention, I cannot remember what for!
but it was perfect to use as a doll jewelry/makeup box.

I painted black on the outside and pearly purple on the inside.
The top tray is removable, there is a large compartment at the bottom.
For the makeup palette, I found some picture of makeup
and just glued them on some black foam.
Miss C. had the brushes and nail polishes from another OG set.

Happy crafting!

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