Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 12: chair and pillow

Saige was pretty much all set up to celebrate Christmas:
but really no place to sit!

Well she is now totally set!
I sewed a simple chair and cushion out of fleece and fake fur.
I used the square chair pattern from Pixie Faire.
 It is not hard or too time consuming,
fleece might not be the best choice for it, may be something with more body.
The back is not attached, which at first I was not too happy about,
but realized it is OK for playing and storing,
since it is quite large.

But it does make the room feel quite comfy,
a great place to hang out, by the fire!

Happy sewing!


  1. I love this room. I am so inspired. I saw a fireplace put together similar to yours in a dollhouse book. Your room makes me sorry that I didn't get my dolls with their trees. Maybe before Christmas I can take them to my mom's for a picture. Maybe next year I will get more in the spirit. No remodeling next year I hope. The season doesn't matter. My doll is no longer an only so more means more.

  2. The room is really coming together now! I want to try everything you made!

  3. thank you ladies, so good to hear you like the room as much as Miss C.


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