Day 22 and day 23: pet bedding and food

Saige is pretty much set for Christmas,
she has made cookies, decorated a gingerbread house,
dance with the nutcracker, spent some time at the spa,
and put on her fancy dress.
But a last minute guest is arriving,
and she needs everything ready for her new furry friend!
No pet can arrive without proper bedding or food and toys!
For the bed, I cut some plywood and covered it with foam 
and batting, and finally fabric.
I stapled it together to the wood, and covered the mess with felt,
so it is all clean underneath.
I used some feet from the Tim Holtz collection for stamping/scrapbooking,
they are perfect for crafting too!
This bed is also perfect as an low table or ottoman,
in a small cabin, everything must be functional!
For the food, I used a picture from some ad, cut out some actual wrapping paper
from a bag food (Malou's favorite dinner, well people food is always better!) 
and glued it all together to make a bag of dog food,
 Oops did I just say who is coming tomorrow?!
And with some threads I made a toy by braiding them together.
I tried to made some treats with polymer clay,
but it did not turn out, which is why I purchase the mickey treats!
We cannot wait until tomorrow...
Happy crafting!


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