Monday, December 29, 2014

forest finger pupppets

Now that I am done blogging about American girl doll advent calendar,
I can share some more of the Christmas presents I worked on during December.

This super cute present was for my niece Toddler K.
She is almost 4, and I thought she was ready for some finger puppets.

These little guys come in the tree trunk,
isn't it the best idea?
I followed the pattern from "present perfect" by Betz White,
I met Betz at a quilt meeting, and was so impressed by all the projects from her book,
she brought them and we were able to look at them,
so of course I bought her book!

The tree cover is hold by 3 leaves, and the opener is a little worm 
with eyes,(not visible on the picture), just perfect.
The 5 puppets fit inside, making it easy to carry.

My niece will be able to play with a fox, a skunk, a raccoon,
a bunny and an owl.

Most of the puppet's parts are glued together, easy to make,
a few details are hand stitched like the eyes and the belly.

I was able to give them directly to toddler K
and she seemed very pleased with the puppet.

Happy sewing!


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