Monday, November 29, 2010

dress finished....just in time!

Last week, I was working hard on finishing
the kids outfits....
 Thanksgiving was great and perfect,
but no sewing time!

I did manage to finish Miss C. dress.

The pattern is Pascale from Sew Beautiful,
it was fairly simple, and perfect heirloom dress for older girls
(no puffy sleeves!)

I choose to use piping, and no collar or sash in the back.
I wanted a simpler, modern look.

And I am pleased to report that she likes it!
Not a small detail,
as I have spent many hours on dresses before to hear
"I just do not love it Mommy!"
which means there is no way she will wear it,
we are a strong minded family!

She had a great visit with Santa,
probably her last Christmas picture
with the Jolly man.

Happy sewing!

make it wear it


  1. very lovely, the blue looks so darling on her.

  2. What a beautiful shade of blue, and I really like your piping.


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