Monday, November 1, 2010

for Paige

Last May, my daughter lost one of her friends, Paige.
They were both daisies and had dance classes together.
Paige lived just a few houses down the street.
Her passing was unexpected and tragic,
leaving moms, dads and children overwhelmed with sadness.

here is a picture of Paige, her sister and Miss C.,
3 days before.

Here is an extract from her web page:

"Paige Alessandro was a beautiful six year old kindergartner at Wyandot Elementary school when she passed away suddenly in May of 2010.".... "Paige bravely battled a spinal vascular disease her entire life and suffered a very severe spinal stroke in 2008. After overcoming many obstacles, Paige died peacefully from acute liver failure which was more than likely a complication of her disease.
Although Paige’s life was certainly not charmed, you would never know it to meet her. While children with special needs often have social struggles, Paige overcame her physical limitations with a sweetness that would melt anyone’s heart. She was always the center of attention, laughing and smiling and taking pure joy in the happiness of others. Her friends would argue over who got to push her wheelchair or help her open a marker while she would just smile and tell everyone that they were her friend."

read more about Paige here

Her family is planning a Princess Run/Walk in her honor
on May 21, 2011.
To read more about this race, please go to:

 All proceeds from the walk will be donated to the Cincinnati Children's hospital OT/PT department
 for use within the Lokomat program, a unique robotic gait training system
that aims to “retrain the muscles” engaged in walking.

While I know May 2011 is a long way away,
may I ask all of you to pass along this information
so that Paige's princess run can be a success?

Thank you for your help.



  1. Thank you for sharing Paige's story. May her princess run be an overwhelming success and a blessing to all who knew and loved her.

  2. Im sorry for you and your daughters loss. I hope that her princess run be successful


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