Sunday, November 7, 2010

another make and take

This week end, I went to another Archiver's event,
the free make and take they have about every 6 weeks.

I started by making the non-free project!
I know I just said it was a free event,
but because of the cost of the little bucket, and the time it took,
there was a $5 fee....which is not bad considering the plain bucket is about $4.

I learned a few new-to-me techniques on this project,
like how to make the cool JOY banner:
wrap the can with a string and use pop dot to attach
the 3 triangles stamped with the letters;

and how to make this nice circle thingy (cannot remember the name!)
I have done it as a kid, but forgot all about it!
We used a 1 x 12 inch red paper and scored it every 1/4 inch,
folded and hot glued the end.
Then we forced it into a circle, hot glued a small circle on both side
and voila...well it took more than my 2 hands,
I am going to have to work on my technique!

Attached to the pal, a three part tag was made with an embossed snow flake.
a little vinyl stamped ornament,

and a canvas star that I stamped with snow flakes.
I thought this star would make some interesting ornaments or tags on presents,
it is just 2 layers of fabric stitched together....
something I am going to work on,
just put it on the list!

I also made this fast cute card,
the way to attach the ribbon was nice,
it is folded, stapled, and folded again
so that the staples are invisible,
it adds a lot of texture.

I also made a little ornament, but I do not really like it,
I think it needs something else...

but it was still fun to try something different.

Overall a fun time was had by all,
mostly because I went by myself,
happy mom, happy kids!

Happy crafting!

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  1. These are cute! I love the can -- very cool. Thanks for stopping by House Revivals. I'm glad you liked the star idea!


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