Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lady Loki and Halloween

Halloween is over,
long live the costume!

Once again, Miss C. did an amazing job with her costume,
she was Lady Loki!

With her golden hair, she would be more suited to be Thor than Loki,
but she was not interested in lady Thor...

Miss C. toned down the cleavage of all these ladies....
she wore her green renaissance fair dress, and a black turtle neck shirt,
it was quite cold on Saturday night!

dress from Moresca, so pretty I might get one for me next year!

But the real cool part of the costume was the head piece!
She first started making Loki's helmet, but later switched to Lady Loki  head piece.
She used some light weight cardboard, and a headband for the base,
for the horns, she cut a polystyrene heart in half, just perfect!

here is a close up of the details, she cut extra details and layered hot glue for extra design,
my only part was to spray the gold paint.

Because it was so cold, and lady Loki likes fur, she borrowed
 my small faux lamb cape, perfect to keep warm during her trick-or-treating evening.

She had a grand time, except people seemed to think she was Maleficent,
totally the wrong color and shape of horns....

When she came back from her adventures with her friends,
we did some more celebrating with drinks and snacks for, her friends
and their parents.

This was the grown-up sides!

Happy Halloween!

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