Thursday, November 9, 2017

updating the master bedroom {the ORC edition}: week 6

This is the last week on the One Room Challenge before the big reveal,
and while I am getting closer, I am not quite ready!
But I almost refinished my little corner:

Quite cute, if I do say so myself!

And as I shared last week,
this is what my reading nook looked like before:

I relocated the comfy but huge red chair,
and brought in from another room a smaller chair.

The chair needed some help with the upholstery,
so I took everything apart,
and recovered it in some beautiful blue fabric.
For the seat. it was quite easy:
just remove the fabric (and all the staples)

and staples the new fabric.
Then I took apart the piping (to reuse the rope inside)
and made some matching piping.
Surprisingly it was not cut on the bias,

so I also cut it straight, stitched it and then stapled it around the seat cushion,
giving it a more polished look.

The difficulties started with the back part of the chair.
As I was taking that part apart,
I realized I would not be able to put it back the same way,
it would require a fancier stapler than I have.
So I decided to just staple the back back,
then the cushion, the back front,

and then glue some rope to hide the staples.
I found the perfect trim for that, I just need to buy a new glue gun,
Miss C. used it a lot and informed me that a new one was needed!
May be we should invest in a proper one instead of the really cheap one....

I really like how the corner turned out,
I found the perfect rug at Target, a mix of blue/green and indigo,
and rearranges some furniture.

Now I really need to finish working on the bathroom,
we took down the glued mirror,
a little bit of a scary event, but it came off just like in the YouTube video
in one piece:

the ugliness!
but once I patch up and touch up the walls,
I will be installing 2 of these lovely mirrors:
yep, they arrived just on time!
It will be another busy weekend....
Here is my mood board:
Until next time,
happy DIYing!

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