Monday, November 6, 2017

a trip to Lucketts: Christmas house!

Once again I went to Lucketts for the Christmas open house,
I decided that it would be more fun than working on the ORC....
and it was, even under the rain!

Just as we entered the house we were transported to another location,
it was quite magical!
The entrance, the staircase and all of the corridors were painted blue,
with white scene and felt snowflake falling from the ceiling.....

And the rooms were as usual each decorated in a different way,
full of beautiful Christmas trees.
And as usual, it was quite crowded and hard to take pics
So here are a few of my favorites:

all naturals, simple perfect

with a little more color,

Burberry-ish plaid and red.

white and gold, glamorous, over the top, but charming!

(from Lucketts instagram)
Love the mix of rustic, natural, gold and white,
I am quite surprised by how much I liked it!

 And even more that I liked this:

Mon Cheri described it as Ms Havisham (of Great expectations)'s Christmas!

I am not sure which directions to go this Christmas,
usually after our visit, I have a feel for
what I would like to do....
I guess I still have a lot of time to think about it!

If you are interested about our previous trip,
you can check them out just below:
2016 visit: Here
2015 visit: here
Happy day!


  1. It all looks wonderful!!! I didn't know they were all set already. I need to visit them! Love the Burberry plaid and Red.

    1. it is totally worth the trip Cristina! And for us, not too far. The designer house is not opened all the time, but the rest is. Hope you have a chance to visit.


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