Wednesday, October 4, 2017

updating the master bedroom {the ORC edition}: week one

Over the last couple of months,
 I have been thinking about updating our bedroom,
it is after all the only room in the house that has not been painted 
since we moved here almost 7 years ago,
 while Miss C. got hers painted twice, 
once in purple, the other time in white.
So I am using the One Room Challenge to push myself 
into making a beautiful place for us to relax,
away from our 2 teenagers.

Here is my vision:
light and airy bedroom with a little extra colors, and a coordinating bathroom.

je t'aime: PB,  rest of the pics were found on Pinterest without link to the original owners...

And here the list of what I want to accomplish:

-change the color of the room, it is currently ocre,
dark, dated and sad.
I am dreaming of a lighter feel but still keeping our dark wood bed.

- update our many doors (6 closet doors and 2 regular doors)
 from plain to upscale

(it is not dirt but the paint has worn off!)

-organize the inside of the closets, they are not very large, 
so they need some help.

A few years ago, I revamped mine but never Mon Cheri's closet,
this time it is his turn.

-improve our ensuite bathroom.

It is quite small but functional, and also need some updating.
The only things I changed since the move, 
besides towels and shower curtains,
are the towel bars.
They were not enough of them and hanged too low.
But I never touched up the paint!
So some paint is in order
with a color that goes with the bedroom.
Right now it feels very disconnected!

It is quite an ambitious plan for 5 weeks,
but having done a few ORC,
I know things usually work out!

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Let's get started!


  1. Love your serene vision! Kinda like what I was thinking too! Excited to follow along your progress Morgane!


Merci pour vos commentaires, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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