Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a pillow case and dyeing

Miss C. has been enjoying her new quilt,
it looks beautiful on her bed,
in her recently painted room, light lavender.
Since I had some of the starting print left,
I made her a pillow case.
I made quite a few of them in the past decade
(it sounds bad when I say that, but it is true!),
but this time I tried the burrito method as illustrated in this DIY dish video.

It was as easy as they said, and a lot faster than my previous method,
but I think the piping turned out a little wide,
not that it bothers Miss C.!

Since she used her quilt on top of her comforter,
(we skip bed sheet and use duvet cover, like in Europe),
I felt it should match the color scheme.
The one she had right one was in a nice baby blue flannel,
very warm and comfy, but not the right color.
So I tried something new: dyeing.
I purchased some rit purple dye and followed the direction
for a front loading machine (a little more difficult, but still easy!).
Since it is such a large item, the color is not as intense as it should be,
but I think it is actually better.

 Miss C. has a totally new look for her bedroom,
now if I could get my stuff together and 
make the curtains from the fabric I brought back from France this summer....

Happy sewing!

PS I am definitively going to be playing with more dye in the future,
too much fun!

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