Saturday, January 14, 2012

more work done in the kitchen

After repainting the kitchen, getting a working dishwasher
and adding hardware, and a couple accessories,
the room felt pretty good.
Mon Cheri and I just kept on dreaming of our convection oven
from our previous kitchen....perfect for baking, and roasting.

We went to the Home Depot just after Thanksgiving (great sale!),
and we bought ourselves another convection oven!
Yes it is a present to each other,
not for Thanksgiving, but our anniversary that happens to be just a few days before!

Nothing says Happy 13th, like a stove!
And it is beautiful! And it bakes so well!
Now it is a totally modern kitchen.
I do not know if you can see the top,
 but the major heating element has 3 sizes,
and the biggest one is exactly the size of my crepes pan,
I am finally able to use the entire surface,
oh yeah, I am happy!

Moving onto the other side of the room, the eat-in part.
After finding the starting point fabric to this kitchen redo,
I made some simple curtains: just rectangles attached with clip-on rings.
Because I like nice curtains and not lose energy (big window = energy loss),
I lined the fabric, it is actually easier to sew curtains with lining,
there is no need to worry about thread color, or perfect stitching,
it is all hidden inside!
I made mine basically like a pillow case,
I just made sure that the decorative fabric is wider than the lining,
so that a little of the decorative fabric is toward the window,
insuring no lining is seen from the inside.

I first sewed both sides of the curtains, right side together,
then I pressed the seams opened and made sure the seams were even on each side,
then I stitched the top of the curtains.
I turned the curtain right side out, pressed it again
and hanged it to stretch on the rod,
(the fabric gets longer because of it weight)
and it give you a change to envoy your work
while the fabric does its work.
Usually after a day or 2, you can hem the curtains....
here it takes a couple months!
I put pins in them, then forget all about it!
I like to use iron tape for the hem, it is faster and invisible.

I really the color they add to the room.
I have some fabric left and I would like to use it
for the other small window, may be for a valance or something...
probably after I purchase some blind!

and some new sheers! These came with the house and are way too short!
(just one day at a time!)

I used the same fabric to fix a ugly spot,
just on top of the fridge.

The fridge is in a nook, just the right size in width but not in height.
It is very convenient to store on the top very large plastic containers
that do not fit anywhere else and that are not pretty.
But it looked bad, very bad, and the trim had not been painted
and none of the nail holes hidden ( I had already done that part of these pictures).
So I made an extra little curtain, making it exactly the same way that the big ones,
just hanging it upside down, I used the hem to go over the tension rod
that holds it in place.

It brings the same colors from the other side of the room,
and it hides all of that mess!
Just perfect.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Everything is coming together so beautifully! You have a good eye for decorating, girlfriend! And, what is more romantic than a stove? Go girl!


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