Tuesday, January 10, 2012

more work on the kitchen

Shortly after painting the room and enjoying the renewed energy,
the dishwasher broke down.
After doing some research online, we realized that 
our no-brand dishwasher was old and fixing that problem was more expensive
than purchasing the same dishwasher.
Since it had been a loud one and not especially pretty,
we decided to upgrade to a quiet stainless steel energy efficient dishwasher.
We were lucky enough to be able to buy it on sale at Home Depot.

And right there, the kitchen improved immensely!
Yes new appliances can do that!
It started to look modern, and it inspired us to keep working.
The next step was purchasing some hardware for the cabinets.
Somehow, there were none to start,
we lived like that for quite some time, and we did not really like.
So I made some holes and put some pulls.
I purchased them from the Home depot
 (we redeemed our miles for gift cards, best idea ever!)

It was so much easier to open everything, we should have done it right away,
instead of waiting 9 months....then again we appreciate them so much more now!

To complete the mini transformation, I did a little redecorating on the buffet
with a new lamp from Target, some major decluttering on the top
(but the stuff always comes back!)
and hang my painting.

we are finally going somewhere!
And yes we practice the guitar in the kitchen,
no instrument room, please do not tell!

Next is making the curtains,
new stove, and making the fridge ...well better!

Happy day!

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