Friday, January 13, 2012

finally finished, Miss C.'s quilt!

It happened, I finished my first project of the year!
Yep, I am proud, one done,
many more to go.
Last time I showed you the quilt I was done basting it,
after Miss C. great sewing.

Here is the front:

and here is the back:

Yesterday was a warm sunny day so I went outside to take the pictures,
may be a little too sunny, but it felt so nice!

It turned out pretty good, still a few puckers here and there,
mostly on the back, but I am happy with it overall.

I quilted it in the ditch first, put the binding,
and then worked on the free motion quilting,
probably not the way most people do it,
but it works great for me.

It is easier to see the quilting on the back,
I used a stencil for the flowers, it runs all over the print,
with parallel stitching on the batik.

The best part: Miss C. loves it and slept great with it last night!

Happy sewing!

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  1. WOW, I am impressed! It is beautiful! I so want to start on my daughter's quilt. It seems like so many things get in the way these past few weeks. Maybe soon... you have inspired me!


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