Wednesday, January 29, 2014

pretty and more practical closet

Our house was built in the sixties, way before walking closets
and all of those wonderful wasted spaces.
So we have compact closets, and while they are practical
they are not especially well designed: one shelf and one bar.
Shortly after moving in, I used a shoe shelf (from our previous home)
as an extra shelf, it was not ideal.

Then after almost 3 years in this house,
I added some shelves, what an improvement!
Why did I wait so long?

 I bought a full sheet of MDF (4x8) and had it cut at HD
into long pieces, about 12" wide (4 long pieces).
I not only fixed my closet,
I also fixed Mon Cheri's and Miss C.'s closets
(Brick Master's closet did not need any fixing).
I added two shelves in mine and
one shelf in the other two closets.

To support the weight of the shelf (and all the stuff that goes on it),
I used some preprimed 1x2 and screwed them into the studs.
I primed and painted the MDF shelves
and set them into place, their weight is enough to hold them.
Since I had to remove everything, I took advantages to go through
all of the clothes and kept only the good ones,
and gave away the rest....
it makes dressing up in the morning easier and faster.

So much more space....
Now there is even a shelf for my purses!
There are stuffed with tissue paper so that they can keep their shape.

While everything looked neat and organized,
the top of the dresser needed some attention,
it was a perfect place for a pretty vignette!

My Mom made me this really cute cross stitch embroidery 
about little black dress (petite robe noire)
for my birthday.

It was exactly what my new dressing area needed!
I added a small mirror, a little silver tray with a red rose made by Miss C.,
some ivory "roses", perfume and a bunny, of course!

While it is still not a walking closet,
it feels like the perfect closet....

Happy day!

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