Thursday, November 2, 2017

updating the master bedroom {the ORC edition}: week 5

Time is really flashing by,
this is already week 5 of the One Room Challenge: the bedroom edition!
Last week, after giving the ensuite bathroom a mini makeover,
I finally caught up on all the doors of all the closets,

(Nice right?, they still need one more coat of paint)
and this time, I tackled the inside closet:

some much better!

A few years ago, I transformed the inside of my closet
 by adding extra shelves and a dresser.
It made it so much more pleasant to use:

The only thing I did then for Mon Cheri's closet was to add a top shelf
to store rarely used items.
But the rest remained the same.

(the middle bar was too low, the shirts touched the floor!)
This time I took everything out but that top shelf.

I thought about building my own storage system,
there are quite a few nice tutorial out there
(like this one by Ana White).
However I found this nice shelving system at Costco on sale for $100,
it was exactly what we needed.

The style is perfect for the room, with its dark wood tone.
It took some time to assemble it
but everything worked as planned.
The closet is a lot smaller than the system is planned for,
so we had to cut the metallic bar.

Now all of Mon Cheri's suits and shirts are hanging properly,
making getting ready in the morning easier.

Now I feel like the room is really coming together, 
except for my former reading nook:

It was super cute, but the red chair is very red in the now blue room,
and it is so big it makes it difficult to access the closet.
So I shopped my house and found a great chair for that corner:

It is smaller and more in scale with the space.
But the fabric on the seat is quite dirty,
so I am going to reupholster it.
Luckily, the ORC was prolonged by a week, so I have still some time.

Here is my inspiration board:

Until next time,
happy DIYing!


  1. I love the paladian blue, but we already have two blue rooms in the house. I hope you find a space for the red chair. It looks super comfy.

    1. Hi Melody, yes the chair has found its rightful place, we are also working on refinishing the basement, and Mon Cheri is more than pleased to have it down there. It is quite a comfy chair, I might have taken a few naps there!!

  2. Nice job! Wonderful changes. As for the red chair, since you do not have a full house tour, it's hard to give much suggestions as to where to place the red chair. Maybe you can leave it where it is, but remove the quilt rack, and place the red chair more center under the window keeping it a reading space. Put the quilt rack at the foot of your bed.

    1. Hi Ivory Jean, thank you. I love my reading nook, unfortunately it is between the closet and the bathroom, all of the doors opening towards this space. I will try without the quilt rack, it can go in another room...but the foot of the bed is reserved for the dog! She does love quilts ;)


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