Tuesday, July 21, 2015

peach cobbler

Summer has been really hot for the last couple of days,
but we are done with swim team, practice and twice-a-week meets,
I feel like we are entering the second phase of the season,
with more down time, even while working full time...

During the swim season, there were a lot of Friday night pot lucks,
and the perfect dessert to bring is a large peach cobbler.

It is easy and serve a lot of hungry swimmers and their parents,
that one was actually so large it did not stay in the pan!

(it is a quick one minute video!)
the only change I made was to use half a cup of sugar to cook the peaches,
it is just too sweet otherwise.

It always disappeared within minutes,
so I made many more, in larger pans.
I am planning on making more, but it is just too hot right now
to turn on the oven....
oh well we can just eat the peaches plain,
they are truly delicious!

Happy day!

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