Saturday, July 25, 2015

makeup brushes roll

As Miss C. is getting older, she is more and more interested in makeup.
 Nothing too intense, she just likes to be silly with some of her girlfriends, 
which I totally understand. I was the same way at her age, 
not that you could tell now as I mostly only wear lipstick!

For her birthday, she received a full set of brushes (from Target),
 more than one would need, but perfect to play. 
To make them a more interesting present, 
I sewed a simple roll to store them all.

I followed this tutorial from LBG studio (fast and easy). 
I used some tween approved aqua Japanese fabric with
some French writing for the outside and the pocket,
 and some white Kona cotton for the inside.
The white was probably not the best as the brushes deposit colors on the lining,
 as Miss C. proved it after putting on some red lipstick and blue eye-shadow!

Happy sewing!

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